Lastpass password management

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Safeguard valuable business information using LastPass, the leading password protection tool.  LastPass is a password manager tool that allows users to store, secure, and autofill their passwords. LastPass users get a password vault which is the encrypted part of the LastPass password manager where a user’s passwords, secure notes, and sensitive information are safely stored.

When 80% of breaches are due to passwords, people’s own password practices remain the weakest point in a company’s security and may be putting sensitive data at risk. While employees just want to work efficiently from anywhere, businesses need to ensure the proper security controls are in place.

lastpass for business

Frictionless employee experience

Simple and easy to use password manager to improve employee password hygiene and company security posture.

Convenient password sharing

Secure and flexible sharing for collaborative teams – from IT to marketing groups – while maintaining accountability. By using generated passwords and revoking access in real time, LastPass ensures that company data doesn’t leave with departing employees.

Actionable insights with Dark Web Monitoring

Stop worrying about data breaches. LastPass monitors your employees accounts and sends them an alert if information is compromised to keep their accounts safe.

Designed for security first

User data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level so that the master password – and the sensitive data stored in LastPass – are kept secret, even from us. Plus, you can augment security for LastPass accounts with multi-factor authentication.

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